About Zella King

Zella King

Zella King

Co-Founder and CEO

My background

I began my career as a consultant (Accenture) and an investment banker (Schroders). My PhD in Occupational Psychology is from Birkbeck College, London. Over a 12 year career as an academic at Henley Business School my research has been published in top management and business journals.

About my research
What I do

As CEO of Personal Boardroom, I look after the commercial, financial and strategic sides of the business and lead on the development of materials, online tools and client solutions. I give keynote talks about the ideas and research behind our services and products.

What I bring to Personal Boardroom
About some of the people in my Personal Boardroom

About me as a speaker

I give talks about the Personal Boardroom and our work, and talks that inspire people to know more about the academic science of networks.

The science of social networks

In 2011 I gave a TEDx talk to a group of young people about the science of social networks. Watch my TEDx talk here:

The benefits of Personal Boardroom

In June 2015, I gave a talk at Cisco’s UK headquarters. In this extract from the talk, I discuss the benefits of using the Personal Boardroom framework as a tool for thinking about your network.