Network Refresh – in conversation with the Personal Boardroom coach


When something changes in your life or career is a really good time to think about your network. Maybe you haven’t thought about making new connections for a while. And remote working makes it hard to meet new people. But if you’re facing a new situation, that is when your network can really kick into gear.

This 50 minute coaching session with Amanda Scott is an opportunity to take a fresh look at your network and who could help you, and to get people in your network working on your behalf.

If you have a specific career goal or need in mind, the conversation can start with that. Amanda will help identify actions you could take to fill any gaps or make better use of your existing connections as you work toward that goal.

Or, if you are not sure what you need, but definitely know your network is in need of a refresh, Amanda will invite you to think about:

  • Reconnecting with someone you’ve lost touch with,
  • Asking someone for sponsorship or advocacy or support
  • Finding one or two new connections

As part of this purchase, you will have access to the premium version of the Personal Boardroom planning tool.

How to book:

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Inject confidence into conversations with your boardroom members. Book a coaching session with Amanda Scott and identify three things you can do to get your Personal Boardroom up and running.

Amanda has worked as a coach for over 15 years, helping people at all levels and stages of their career. Her experience covers

  • staying visible and getting things done in large companies
  • working your network as a small business to win clients
  • staying connected when you are self-employed
  • making career transitions – up, out, sideways and beyond
  • finding opportunities when you don’t have a job

The Personal Boardroom was developed by Zella King and Amanda Scott and is grounded in research from academic studies of the networks of high-performers. It has been used in many well known companies, including the BBC, Capital One, Cisco, Diageo, Google, NatWest, Severn Trent and Tesco.