Personal Boardroom planning tool – premium content


In a world of remote working and social distancing, it is hard to keep your network fresh and to keep in contact with people who can help you succeed in work and career.

The Personal Boardroom planning tool is a simple web app that will help you

  • deliberately think about who can help you succeed, and choose a small group of people for your Personal Boardroom
  • assign roles to each person
  • ensure that you are exposing yourself to a diversity of viewpoints
  • have conversations with purpose, even with people you never see face-to-face
  • commit to keeping your network fresh through frequent contact

By purchasing the premium version of the tool, you will have access to

  • videos with the co-founders explaining each Personal Boardroom role in detail, and where to look in your network to find someone to find that role
  • succinct, practical advice taken from our book about how to choose people and have conversations with purpose
  • answers to frequently asked questions

Take a tour of the premium version of the Personal Boardroom tool here:


You are buying access to all the most recent content from the co-founders of Personal Boardroom, for an unlimited amount of time.

If you are already a user of the free version, we will make a change to your settings so that you can see the premium content. If you are not yet a user or if you would like someone else to have this as a gift, we will send you a registration code to get started.

You do not have to download anything. The web app will work in any modern browser on a computer, tablet or phone with an Internet connection.