Personal Boardroom Insights report – with bonus content


Our insights report takes the data you entered into the Personal Boardroom planning tool and creates a customised report. The report makes it easier to see who is currently in your Personal Boardroom. Using it will help you to:   

  • judge if there are important gaps or overlaps between your Personal Boardroom members
  • identify Personal Boardroom roles you need to pay more attention to
  • think about how to make your boardroom more diverse and increase the range of people you pay attention to
  • assess your engagement with the people you’ve identified as Personal Boardroom members
  • decide what you need to do next to elevate your Personal Boardroom to the next level

As a bonus, the insight report includes 12 templates to help you make a start when approaching people by email. For each of the 12 Personal Boardroom roles, the suggested text will help you be explicit about what you are asking for when first contacting someone to ask for their help.

How it works

When you buy this product you will be sent instructions on how to access the Personal Boardroom planning tool. You can take as much time as you like to enter information about your Personal Boardroom members. When you are ready, you will contact us at and request your report.

Please note that each report is prepared manually in response to your data, and it will take up to a week to prepare. If you need it by a specific time, please us know about that when you request it.

This product includes the cost of planning tool.


Be ready to put your boardroom to work with tailored insights in a pdf report from Amanda, our Personal Boardroom coach.

Amanda has worked as a coach for over 15 years, helping people at all levels and stages of their career. Her experience covers

  • staying visible and getting things done in large companies
  • working your network as a small business to win clients
  • staying connected when you are self-employed
  • making career transitions – up, out, sideways and beyond
  • finding opportunities when you don’t have a job

The Personal Boardroom was developed by Zella King and Amanda Scott and is grounded in research from academic studies of the networks of high-performers. It has been used in many well known companies, including the BBC, Capital One, Cisco, Diageo, Google, NatWest, Severn Trent and Tesco.