Great personal development doesn’t happen alone.

It happens together

So, in more fluid workplaces, how can you make sure it still happens?

Taking charge of their own career

The Personal Boardroom shows people how take charge of their own development and involve others in their success

Getting things done through others

The Personal Boardroom helps people think deliberately about how to influence and how to be visible

Drawing on a diverse range of perspectives

The Personal Boardroom challenges people to expose themselves to a variety of viewpoints and to diverse perspectives

Valuing the human connection

The Personal Boardroom focuses attention on the value we create for each other at work

Three things that are special about the Personal Boardroom

High quality content

Our language is different from standard content on networking; we talk about networks in terms of the roles people play in a Personal Boardroom. Our materials are simple, striking and consistent across multiple media.

Practical approach

Our vibrant online sessions show people where the gaps are in their network and provide tangible action points. People who attend our sessions enjoy the combination of novelty and practicality.

Our track record

We have worked with many well-known companies, including BBC, Capital One, Cisco, Diageo, the Guardian, Google, NatWest, Severn Trent, SSE, and Tesco

What people say about us

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in Personal Boardroom. Do ask questions about what we do and how we work.  Zella or Amanda will get back to you shortly.

Personal Boardroom Ltd Ashcombe Court Woolsack Way Godalming Surrey GU7 1LQ United Kingdom

+44 844 500 2843

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