You’re only as good as who you surround yourself with

Who is in your
personal boardroom? 

About the Personal Boardroom

Personal Boardroom is a practical, simple approach that will change the way you think about networks. Use it to identify a small, diverse group of people you trust who can help you succeed.

When you’re heads-down at your desk

an effective Personal Boardroom will increase your visibility to people who will shape your future

When you feel isolated working at home

an effective Personal Boardroom will give you reasons to connect and purpose to your conversations

When you depend on others to get stuff done

an effective Personal Boardroom will help you influence people you don’t have authority over

When you feel stuck or when a career crisis hits

an effective Personal Boardroom will help you assess options and take control

How it works

There are 12 different things that people in your network can help us. We call these the 12 Personal Boardroom roles. By learning about these 12 roles, you will find out where you have gaps in your network, and how people you already know can help you survive and thrive in your working life. 

To discover more about these, you can use the Personal Boardroom planning tool, a simple web application that will take you step by step through the 12 roles and the people you surround yourself with, helping you identify actions you could take to build a better network. 

If you would like to go deeper, you can purchase one of our customised reports, or book a conversation with Amanda, the Personal Boardroom coach. 

Or if you prefer the written word, our book, Who is in your Personal Boardroom?  shows how to choose people, assign roles and have conversations with purpose. 

Discover the Personal Boardroom

The Personal Boardroom planning tool will take you step by step through designing your personal boardroom. The premium version brings it alive with video and loads of practical tips and advice.

Our insights report creates a tailored report on your Personal Boardroom data. Use it to find out how you could make your Personal Boardroom more diverse and increase your engagement with your Boardroom members. 

When something changes in your life or career is a really good time to take a fresh look at your network. This 50 minute coaching session with Amanda Scott is an opportunity to review and reset, and think about how to get people in your network working on your behalf.

Planning Tool
£9Reduced from £10
  • Planning tool with video and practical tips
Network Refresh
£99Reduced from £149
  • Planning tool with video and practical tips
  • 50 min conversation with the Personal Boardroom coach about your network and next steps to take

Where did the idea for the Personal Boardroom come from? 

Three things that are special about the Personal Boardroom

Grounded in research

Our approach draws on evidence from academic studies of the networks of high-performers.

Practical and useful

It will show you the gaps in your network and help you approach people to fill the gaps in a way that makes it easy to say yes.

Tried and tested

It has been used in many well-known companies, including the BBC, Capital One, Cisco, Diageo, Google, NatWest, Severn Trent and Tesco

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in Personal Boardroom. Do ask questions about what we do and how we work.  Zella or Amanda will get back to you shortly.

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